Looking for Annual Sales Coordinator for 2018

This person will oversee the other 5 departments that make up the Sales Committee.  They will make sure that everything is running as it should in each department and assist if needed.

Each Executive Committee Head is responsible for finding volunteers to help in their Committee.  If you are interested in any of these positions contact: karen.lamar@gmail.com

  A.) Decoration and Set- up

  1. Decorate building
  2. Collect props
  3. Plan displays
  4. Hang sale items
  5. Secure packaging
  6. Make sales tags


B.)  Take – in Sale Items/ Check – out items

  1. Take-in items for sale
  2. Check-out unsold items
  3. Make sure Inventory sheets and artist sheets are filled out and filed
  4.  Find docents and schedule hours they work


 C.)  Cashiers

  1. Find volunteer cashiers
  2. Oversee training sessions before event ( Julie Davis said she would help with this)
  3. Set the schedule and times cashiers are present


D.)   Publicity

  1. At this time we have enough, but if you are interested contact Jennifer Ely at:  jelly@sagebluffalpacas.com


E.)  Clean up and take down

  1.   Self explanatory
  2.  Get volunteers to help