It was a hot summer’s day with even HOTTER bargains at the Carol Mitz’s Stash Draw Loom Yard Sale!
Thank you, Carol, for sharing your wealth with DFA members! Items ranged from free to $.50/ oz. for cotton fiber and rayon blends to $.75/ oz. for wool to $1.50/ oz.for linen. Armloads of beautiful fibers left Susan’s driveway with the delighted new owners dreaming of amazing new projects. Carol Mitz joined the
sales staff, discussing fiber content and sharing project ideas. As we chased the shade, the temperature increased causing us to shut down the yard sale just prior to noon. For those late comers, and folks that didn’t get their chance to “grow” their personal stashes, we moved the yard sale indoors to the DFA Guild on Union Street. You now can shop in air-conditioned comfort! There is a scale and price list with the cost of fibers broken down all the way including fractions! All you need to do is: select and weigh your fibers, consult the chart, add up your bargain prices and put your payment in the labeled can! Thanks
to all who helped make the yard sale a HUGE SUCCESS! Carol’s stash gleaned $1005.90 for the draw loom with more to come!

Stash Sale