With the Christmas Party fast approaching we are getting lots of questions about what is a White Elephant Gift.

Bring any wrapped fiber related gift.  It can be a used or new gift.     Examples of White Elephant fiber gifts

  • Maybe you purchased 3 pounds of fabulous red fiber but after spinning for 2 years you still haven’t reached the end
  • Maybe your Auntie bought you some Green Bay Packers sock yarn and you are a diehard Seahawk fan
  • Or horrors someone bought UW fabric when you went to WSU
  • That beautiful yarn you purchased to use as warp but it breaks way too easily
  • That baby blanket can go because the kid is now 12 and doesn’t like Smurfs
  • The latch hook kit from 1968 still in the box
  • The yarn that splits
  • The book that had those 1980’s sweaters
The party will be Saturday December 16 from 10:30 to 2:00pm in Conference Room A at the Richland Public Library.
DFA will supply chicken, rolls, coffee, tea, plates, silverware, napkins and cups
Please bring a side dish or dessert to share.