Polymer Clay Canes

January 20th will be the next mini class from 10:00-3:00. We will be making Polymer Clay Canes. These can be used for buttons and to decorate dozens of other articles.


  1.  3-4 small FIMO or Sculpey clays in your favorite colors
  2. Something to roll clay flat; PVC pipe, acrylic roller, pasta maker used for clay only or whatever you have at home
  3. Small cookie or canapé cutters
  4. Empty Altoids boxes, small wooden boxes, small pictures frames,  door knobs anything you want to decorate.

I will provide white, black and opaque clay and slicing blades. I would like us to swap canes so we can each take home 2-3 different designs and colors.

See you    Connie Schlosser