3-Part Stash Sale

  • Phase 1: starts now
  • Phase 2: 9/15-16
  • Phase 3: 9/17-23

Lois Johnson of Stanfield, OR, gave DFA her fiber art stash and equipment in her will. The DFA studio is full. So we are selling her things…in 3 phases.

Phase 1: The Big Stuff
The following items are available for sale now. Email Cheryl Reed for photos.

Call or email for details. cheryldavisreed@gmail.com  or  (509)318-5293 mobile.

The items are in Stanfield, OR. Lois’ husband is in his 80’s. Cheryl will travel to Stanfield with you if photos are not enough and when you decide to purchase an item. Make checks to Desert Fiber Arts Guild or DFA.

August 3, any of these larger items that have not sold will be listed on the ANWG Classifieds page.  But DFA members get first chance until then. Any large items that have not sold will still be available at the 9/15-16 sale. All $ goes to DFA.

  • Jensen Production Spinning Wheel ca early 1990’s. Saxony style. Cherry wood. 2 Treadles. 3 whorls, fastest whorl is 17:1  ratio. Lovely turned spokes. $1600 new; asking $750.
  • Jensen Tina Castle-style Wheel ca 1990’s. Cherry wood. 2 treadles. 3 whorls. Fastest speed 12:1. Lovely craftsmanship. $1600 new; asking $750.
  • Gilmore Gem Workshop Floor Loom. 4-shaft. 18” weaving width. 6 treadles. metal heddles. 3 reeds: 8, 10, 12. $1892 new; asking $875.
  • Mirrix Tapestry Loom. Weaving width 28.75”. Height 23” Legs extend 9” behind to keep upright. $300 new; asking $150.
  • Harmony Knitters Auto Knitter. Hand-crank knit tubes. $550 new; asking $275.
  • Picker by Patrick Green. $925 new; asking $465.
  • 8-shaft Gilmore floor loom. [Photo on page 1] 42-inch weaving width. 10 treadles. Metal heddles. Plus 4 reeds: 8, 10, 12, 15. $3371 new; asking $1685.
  • Glimakra weaving bench. Variable height from 18” to 24”. $300 new; asking $150.
  • Elna 644 Pro Overlocker. [Photo this page] $996 new; asking $490.
  • Pfaff Sewing Machine, Expression 2.0. Asking $300.
  • Collapsable Work Table. [Photo this page] $185 new; asking $85.

Phase 2 is a “garage” sale in Lois’ studio in Stanfield. This will be her smaller equipment and large fiber & yarn stash like a wall of Harrisville wools, and skein upon skein of her handspun.  Starts 9/15-16

Phase 3 will be a smaller sale of what remains after the sale in Stanfield. We’ll move things to the DFA studio for a week before dispersing it to Goodwill, etc.  Starts 9/17-23