The details of the March mini class are set – Tamari Balls.

Saturday March 17, from 10:00-3:00 at the guild studio at 101 Union St., Kennewick Suite 208.

Denise Pitts will be teaching us how to make Tamari Balls. Please register on the website so we can get an accurate count. The cost of this class will be $15.00. The materials list is attached below.


  • One Smooth Foam, 2.9 inch Styrofoam ball (they come in packages of 6)
  • Enough quilt batting to smoothly cover the ball
  • One skein of soft yarn, like that used for baby blankets (firm yarn makes bumpy Temari and that is not good for even designs)
  • Sewing thread of the color you want your ball to be (using 3 of the 3000 yard spools will make the wrapping go faster; you won’t use all of the thread)
  • Colored ball top sewing pins in a variety of colors
  • Needle, size 18 darner or a baby doll needle (the #5 Perle cotton thread should fit through the eye). I like the long thin needles
  • Small, sharp thread snips or sewing scissors
  • Narrow tape measure with centimeter markings
  • Gold or silver metallic embroidery thread, one skein
  • #5 Perle cotton thread in 4 colors. For example, you could have two shades of green and two shades of yellow or four colors that work well together. One skein of each.
  • Paper and pen for taking notes