The two shaft Newcombe rug loom built about 1945 and sold by Sears Roebuck Company has been adopted by Theo Dobie. She is excited to warp it after her vacation. The loom was purchased by Dorothy M and Clifton D in 2011 from the Lutheran Church in Richland. After extensive restoring including cleaning and restoring the wood, new reed, wire heddles and new reed holder/beater it has been lovingly used by Dorothy, Clifton and many busy DFA weavers to make dozens of lovely rugs. Many of the rugs were made by first time weavers after several hours of help by Clifton and every rug was a success. It is registered with The Weavers Friend archives in Duluth, Minnesota .

Newcombe Fly Shuttle Loom

I invite rug weavers to try the Newcombe fly shuttle loom in the DFA studio for your future rugs. That loom is four shaft and will do many different patterns which are chosen and set up before warping. There is currently about 25 yards of warp on it waiting for creative weavers to use. When the warp is used up Dorothy and Clifton will rewarp the loom. Happy weaving from Dorothy and Clifton