Just had to share the excitement of the day.

I guess I just love draw looms.  Attached are the photos.  The loom is working well and Lisa will be the first to weave followed by Julie.  This should get us into mid-December.  I don’t know who wants to weave next.

Do you have your pattern?  This sample in the photo was woven with 10/2 perle cotton.  A bit heavy as the image was 4″ wide by 5″ tall on a tight warp.  Loosening the warp and washing would shorten the image which would be desirable.    If you have 20/2 mercerized cotton or a finer linen that might give a more balanced image, but “Sample..Sample…Sample”Draw loom

This image was 17 grid cells wide (from center to outer edge).  18 would make each image touch each other.  Two shafts are used for the border.  As it becomes your time to weave, I would be happy to coach you on how to keep the loom running smoothly.  This is not your usual type of weaving and you do need to be attentive to all aspects of the loom.

We can have as many meetings as you feel you need to accomplish your goals on the draw loom.  At two weeks per weaver that takes a few months for everyone to get their time on the loom.

Any questions, let me know.  Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving filled with laughter and joy,