Books added to the DFA library in July 2017
  • Posts and Rugs: The story of Navajo Rugs and their Homes by H.L. James  This book is based on a classic study of the Navajo rugs with the concern that the craft might end with the Americanization of the Navajo.  This author did more studies, took many pictures, some with drawings and tells stories of this wonderful weaving craft.  Pictures of the rugs are in color.
  • Navajo Textiles: From the Read Mullan Collection Published by the Heard Museums Colored pictures of the Navajo Rugs from the Read Mullan Collection donated to the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizonia
  • Loom-Controlled Double Weave from the Notebook of a Double Weaver   by Paul R. O”Connor This spiral bound “notebook” is an “informal sharing of the author’s expertise on Loom-controlled double weave for the four and more harnesses.”   This book is also referred to as an “In-depth study for double weave enthusiasts.”
  • Backstrap Weaving: Step-by-step techniques on one of the oldest and most versatile looms by Barbara Taber and Marilyn Anderson Rediscover “primitive” weaving methods, which originated in South America, with the help of the authors.